Tecnologie ambientali

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An expert group of professionals and technicians with thirty years of experience in the drilling and structural consolidations sector are the heritage of Tecnologie Ambientali, leader company in the drilling sector operating in Italy in high tech tender contracts.
The company is specialised in horizontal controlled drive drilling (T.O.C.) - a system that permits installation of the pipes of the various infrastructures without open excavation.
This technology called No-Dig, allows operation in many sectors to:
  • create buried structures
  • perform environmental remediation of polluted sites
  • intercept polluted water bearing stratum located under urban waste sites
  • connect the electricity produced by renewable energy sources (wind, photovoltaic) to the national grid
  • repair damaged pipelines (sewage, water and gas pipelines)
TECNOLOGIE AMBIENTALI SRL - via Salaria 1531 - 00138 Roma (RM) - Partita Iva 09719921000 info@tecnologieambientali.com